Kristen "KC" Colemon - Stylist Extraordinaire

KC is our stylist expert in everything from hair/makeup to fashion. Her smile and positive energy makes her the life of all our photoshoots! Since Middle School, Kristen was enthralled with the fashion & beauty industry- the colors and textures- creating livable art for beautiful canvases. It wasn’t until attending an art camp at SCAD that she was convinced this was the world she was meant to be apart of. Soon the need for her creative vision began pushing her further into the industry. She is a hair and make up artist at Elevate Salon in Knoxville, TN and she also works with multiple photographers on creative shoots including. While being a master at creating unique looks, she also is working to develop her clothing line, Minnie Blue Apparel. You will also catch her doing her own creative photography when she is inspired to grab a lens and catch something gorgeous. Her knowledge and understanding of photography makes her a true asset when it comes to preparing you for your photoshoot. When you see her, know that you are in great hands and in for a treat.


Kelly Wayne Myers - Videographer/Assistant

Kelly is the big brother of the team and a great assistant. He always keeps us all on our toes and makes sure to have our lighting set up just right. You will find Kelly taking video clips of our shoots or simply making sure everyone is taken care of. He does photography work of his own and loves to play around with color. We also hear he has a knack for building websites. With his attention to detail and love for creating cinematic stories, Kelly is awesome at what he does and works hard on his craft daily by working to assist photographers around Knoxville. Kelly may look serious at first, but he has quite the mushy ol' heart on the inside once you get him smiling.