Find your beautiful.

I do this because I get it. I understand. I have looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. Sometimes I couldn't even look. I didn't even know why. It just hurt. I still have those days even now.  Except now, I look anyway. I speak anyway. Out loud.

"I am ENOUGH!" 


"I am STRONG!" 

"I WILL be great!" 

Yeah, it may sound corny at first. It did to me the first time. I said it anyway. Nowadays, it's not corny. It's what I NEED. It's my push, my kick in the butt, my pick me up. It's what makes me get up everyday to show and inspire others to keep trying. To keep going. To believe that they are enough as well. To stop avoiding it and LOOK at themselves and while they're at it... take a photo.

Now... let ME take a photo. Let me hold your hand. Let me guide you down this road I have walked before many times over. Let me show you WHY you are enough. WHY you are beautiful... strong... and great... and so much more. Let me help you begin to find it.