You Are Perfect NOW!

"I want to wait until I fix my hair up."
"I have a double chin."
"I'm too old."
"I need to lose weight first."

These are only a few of the reasons I get from potential clients who feel they aren't ready to have their portrait taken. Usually when I hear these reasons, I respond with a look of total confusion. Often the ones who complain about their weight aren't big at all in my eyes. Even if they were, they don't realize I can pose them in a way that compliments their curvy shape. Hair need fixing? I have stylists who handle that flawlessly. Too old? For who?? Double chin? I have something up my sleeve for that as well. I am the professional photographer remember? It is my job to know how to handle these issues. Even with that knowledge, people still hesitate. Everyone seems to think the idea of them having a beautiful portrait of themselves is ludicrous.

I feel the issue goes deeper. Maybe they have never liked themselves, their bodies or never even had a photo taken that they loved. Maybe someone somewhere in their life drew too much attention to their flaws... the ones that really aren't flaws at all honestly. Maybe they have gotten lost in the challenges of life and forgotten how beautiful they still are regardless of the trials they have gone through and the time that has passed. This is precisely why I want to take their portraits. I am here to remind them of what they have forgotten. Prove wrong whatever they have been told. Show them they are beautiful big or small, short or tall, flat hair or big hair, rain or shine lol. This is what I DO. Especially since I have been there too. I know what it feels like to not feel at your best. Heck, I just felt that way yesterday lol!

Some would say, "Well of course you can make me beautiful! You had to bring a whole glam team in order to do so." Want to know a secret? My glam team isn't there to "make you look beautiful". They are there to pamper you first and foremost. Give you a few hours on a great day to just focus on you and escape for a while. To have someone only care about how YOUR day is going and how YOU feel. To be interested in how YOU want to be photographed. We are there to make your day all about you. Usually when I see a potential client, she isn't all dolled up or in glam. She is wearing her normal attire and has little to no make up on at all. Even then, I saw how beautiful she was and I wanted to photograph her. Don't you want to capture that? Capture who you are at this moment in your life and many other moments as well? How cool would it be to be able to look back on your journey and remember who you were at 20, 30, 40, 50 and older! You would literally be able to document how you have grown over the years and what a gift that would be to your family when you are gone! I can't wait for my son to see all the photos of myself just so he knows how cool his mom was! How bold she dared to be without apology. You are perfect as you are! You are beautiful right NOW! Allow me to show you that and let's have some fun!