I believe I spread my wings and flew high during this photo shoot. There is something quite inspiring about Payton. Her eyes, the shape of her face, what she wore... it even went deeper than that. I was inspired by her dreams and aspirations as well. But if we want to get specific, I would first pay attention to her eyes. They had this deep beauty to them yet they seemed a tad haunting. Like she had a piece of forever inside of them. I love when I get so inspired to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. For one outfit, I quite literally just threw a bunch of pink and blue tulle on her, turned on the fan and had her dance with the breeze. It was magical to watch and even more magical once I started working on the photos. Her other dresses were provided by Minnie Blue Apparel and Angel Blanco. Two designers that I love working with who put their heart into their designs. We played with make up ideas and really had fun with Payton's hair! By the end of the shoot, we had stuffed so many things in her hair I wondered if her head felt a bit too heavy to hold up! Payton was graceful through it all though. I wouldn't hesitate in saying that I think this is some of the best work I have ever done and I am sitting here so darn proud.