There is something that happens when I see a woman and focus on her. I see all the potential she has, her personality, her pain, her struggles and most of all I see beauty. There is just something amazingly beautiful about women that we don't even realize we have sometimes. We can move mountains with it. Kierra has that. When I first saw her, everything paused for just a short moment. Long enough for me to see something she didn't. I asked if she had ever had her photo professionally taken before and she said no. Kierra seemed so quick to act as if her taking photos was a crazy idea. As if it was something she couldn't do. It surprised me because here I was literally looking at pure beauty and she didn't see it herself. Let me clarify... Kierra knew she was beautiful... but she seemed to think she needed to be a different kind of beautiful to take professional photos.

Ladies... why do we think this? We can walk around and take selfies or show up at parties and feel beautiful but we can't feel beautiful enough to take a photo that we will have for a lifetime? We can't have photos that we can give to our children? What is this different kind of beautiful we think we don't ALREADY have? After some convincing, Kierra agreed to a photo shoot and boy did we have fun! She seemed nervous in front of the camera at first but that was ok. I get that with many women. I just guided her through it and soon... the goddess came out! I recognized her immediately when she showed through because it was who I saw the second I saw Kierra the first time. She was perfect. She was beautiful. She was amazing in every way.

Hair, Make Up & Assist: Sass N' Edge