Hot Seat: Interview with Beautician & Stylist, Kristen "KC" Colemon

Hot Seat interview with Beautician & Stylist, Kristen "KC" Colemon

Since Middle School, Kristen was enthralled with the fashion & beauty industry- the colors and textures- creating livable art for beautiful canvases; but it wasn’t until attending an art camp at SCAD that she was convinced this was the world she was meant to be apart of. Soon the need for her creative vision began pushing her further into the industry. She is a hair and make up artist at Elevate Salon in Knoxville, TN and she also works with multiple photographers on creative shoots including, J Way Photography. While being a master at creating unique looks, she also is working to develop her clothing line, Minnie Blue Apparel.

1. What are your favorite "go to" styles that are easy for clients to keep up at home?

My favorite go to style for clients to keep up at home is a french braid. This allows the hair to be away from the face while doing different activities and once you take it down you can wear the deep waves!

2. What is a must have for hair that you can't go without?

Leave-in conditioner. To fight the harsh elements of hot or cold weather, putting in a leave-in allows your hair to remain soft and coated.

3. What are your favorite brands with hair and make up and why?

For hair, I love Kerastase or Mizani. They both have well developed products that work amazing on clients. For make up, I like the Sephora brand, Fenty and Kat Von D. They are affordable, long lasting and they have endless choices for all shades.

4. What would you recommend to someone just starting out in doing their own make up?

Learn as much as you can about your face shape and which products to use on your skin type. You also want to keep in mind what works best for your lifestyle.

5. What are the top 3 problems you see in make up?

-Wrong shade of colors used for their skin tone.
-Bad or overdone contouring.
-Eyebrows - YIKES!

6. What are the top 3 problems you see in hair?

-Over processed hair.
-Lack of knowledge in hair care products.
-Not taking basic care of their natural hair if they wear any type of extensions or wigs.

7. What do you consider the biggest hair myth?

Color treated hair being unhealthy is a myth. Bleaching makes each strand thinner, but adding darker colors plumps your strands making them appear thicker.

8. What do you consider the biggest make up myth?

Choosing your foundation by matching it to your hand is a myth. You should match your foundation to your jawline because your hand is usually a shade darker than your face.

9. What do you love about what you do?

I get to meet all types of people! It's almost like visiting different countries without having to leave my chair. I get to be my authentic creative self without having to make excuses for it because it's allowed.

10. How should a client come prepared for their makeover in a photo shoot?

A client should come well rested and excited to be photographed. Be optimistic about your shoot. Hair should be clean unless instructed otherwise and skin should be simple, clean and moisturized.