Brynn - Modern Girl

I love playing with ideas and with this shoot, I had plenty to play with. The first look was a dress Brynn brought with her and I felt the skirt just wasn't enough for me. (Imagine... a skirt didn't meet my standards.) So I added some white tulle to give more volume to her look and it was beautiful. We also added a fur vest but I felt I only needed the texture on one side of her. Imagine taking photos with a fur vest half on and tulle stuffed around you... but you still look gorgeous. Yes, Brynn did that! In another look I wanted more pops of color and kind of a barbie feel. So I grab three of my foamcore backgrounds, arranged them in a way that felt right and added some silk gauze to blow around for effect. I love when I get to play and try new things, especially when they turn out looking great. We had fun and honestly it is always a treat working with Brynn.