Say Hello to Daje Morris! Our new Art Director/Assistant!

I am so happy to finally get to officially announce an addition to the J Way team! I want to introduce J Way's new Art Director/Assistant, Daje Morris! She is an amazing person with such a beautiful creative mind and has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. Daje helps with the visual voice of J Way as well as assisting with photo shoots, designing our mood boards and many other things in between! She has studied graphic design and is great at helping with branding, web design and curating social media! I really can't say enough about her!

Daje wanted to join the J Way team simply because she liked the overall brand and what it stood for. She also wants to get to know the art of photography more and learn the business. She has been instrumental in giving the J Way brand a nice boost in design and it's overall voice! Daje is also responsible for our new logo and new color palette! Working with her has been such a joy and I often love our weekly planning & execution meetings! Daje's creative solutions and brilliant mind will help J Way go far in its goals and I can't wait for you to all see what we have planned for the future!

Besides being an incredible force at J Way, you can also find Daje serving up some of the best coffee in town at Honeybee Coffee, speaking beautiful poetic words with The 5th Woman ( or creating beautiful music with her guitar! Find her EP on Spotify or visit her main site that has all things Daje and listen to her music at ( I am so excited to have Daje on the team and I look forward to what we create and make possible! Welcome Daje!