The 5th Woman

I am excited about a group of women that I happen to be apart of. These women show courage, boldness and have a way with words. Poetically speaking. This group is called The 5th Woman. ( This will be my second year being apart of this powerful group and I must say, we are a unique bunch! Each of us have something to say and our poems speak our truths, sorrows, joys and hopes. The members of the 5th Woman are talented in so many more ways than poetry and I consider it an honor to be among them. Being able to take photos of us all was really cool because each one of these ladies has a very unique essence to capture. It was fun finding and focusing in on each one.

I joined The 5th Woman because I love poetry and also because I was looking for something at the time. I was in a part of my life where I was going through quite a bit of growth. I needed poetry to help me understand my emotions and tests through that process. With these women being in multiple different stages in their lives, they all have something to contribute when it comes to the different stages of life. I needed that support and I am glad that I found them. You can learn something so profound from each of these women and have a good laugh while learning it as well.

You can check out the website ( to find out more about what is going on with us and we have quite a bit! The 5th Woman is currently running a kickstarter and we would love your support to reach our goal! We will all be performing at the Modern Studio in Knoxville, TN Saturday May 20th and Sunday May 21st at 7pm and tickets are on sale now! I hope to see you there while we share our souls with you!