5 Reasons Why I Should Be Your Photographer

All too often I hear so many reasons why people put off having their photo professionally taken and I have an answer for just about every excuse. It's pretty much my job to solve your photo problems, including dealing with why you hesitate to take photos. I have listed 5 reasons I often hear and I am going to tell you why they are precisely the reasons why you should come and see me. Let's begin shall we?

1. I'm not photogenic!
Have you seen my before & after gallery on my website, www.jwayphoto.com? Everyone is not a model! That is actually my specialty! It is a passion of mine to show everyone how awesome they really are in my eyes. Too many of us feel low about ourselves whether it's about our looks, our talents, our self esteem, etc. Coaching you through your shoot and posing you for the best photos is what I do! Trust me, I have yet to come across anyone who truly isn't photogenic. Everyone has something beautiful, unique and awesome about them. It is my job to see YOU!

2. I need to lose weight!
This one is told to me A LOT! I always laugh because once it is said to me, I take one look at them and say "What's wrong with your weight?". I think we tend to have an idea in our heads of how we look to others and it probably looks about 20 to 50 percent worse than we actually look! As a matter of fact, I have gone through it! I GAINED 30 pounds this past year and I felt huge! However, people would always tell me... "You look great though." or "You don't look like you gained anything!". But I always saw the extra weight in my face, arms, thighs and especially this kangaroo pouch of mine from my pregnancy 6 years ago! I didn't let it stop me though. My photos that I use for branding were taken when I was at my biggest and I frickin' LOVE those photos! Whether you gained a few pounds or a lot... there is always a good reason to take photos anyway. Celebrate your body! Don't body shame it! Make a plan to lose the weight if it really bothers you. Choose a reachable weight loss goal and hold yourself accountable by scheduling your shoot for a date after that goal. Not only will it be a way to motivate you (because you have photos coming up), it will also be your reward! 

3. I'm not into hair & make up!
Great! Neither am I! If you know me personally, you know I NEVER wear make up at all... unless I am getting photos done of myself. Which is why I have options! You can choose to have your hair & make up done so you don't have to worry about the hassle of doing it yourself and enjoy the experience or you can go au natural! You are beautiful either way. You can even opt to have the no make up look. (Very light make up applied.) Either way, I offer plenty of options to make sure we are showing who you really are and the true essence of you.

4. I always hate my photos!
What do you hate about your photos? The posing? How you looked? Your outfit? The way the photo was taken? Where it was taken? Just... everything? Another great thing I do to ensure I am capturing you at your best... I spend some time with you! How can I take great photos of you or your family if I don't KNOW you or your family? How can I begin to know what is genuine and what isn't? How can I capture what you WANT? For my portrait sessions I always schedule a styling & planning session with you where we plan your shoot from top to bottom! We talk about everything! From how you want to be styled, to how you want the shoot to look and feel, all the way to why these photos are important to you. I want to get to know YOU and the why behind you! That is the only way I know how to really capture the true essence of you... and pick the correct glam team for you!

5. I don't need photos of myself!
We ALWAYS need photos of ourselves for many reasons. Headshots for branding, engagements, birthdays, family photos, celebrations, graduations, empowerment, just for you, just for him, just for her, because you are due for a new one since that last one you took 20 years ago, because you turned 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 80, 90... the list goes on! However the most important reason... is to exist. EXIST IN PHOTOS. Show your family that comes after you that you existed and how amazing you were! Show them who they came from! What will they find when they look for you? I mean... selfies are cool, but I always had a thing for a beautiful portrait. Especially when I look at the one my grandmother took.

Have you still thought of other reasons? Well, give me a holler! I'm sure I can tell you how I can handle those as well! In the mean time, gotta go plan for another shoot!