Gabby & Brooke

These beautiful young ladies were so fun to capture through my lens. Not only just seeing their beauty but also realizing that I was capturing their actual transition from kids to young women. That is a glorious thing we must remember as parents to hold dear! When our children are the little apples of our eyes with little feet and hands... then all of a sudden they are beginning their journey to the cusp of adulthood. The changes they go through physically and mentally are a wonder to see when you pay attention! It is important to teach them how wonderful and amazing they are in the process.

These sisters were a joy and funny to listen to as they picked on each other a couple of times throughout the shoot. It's what sisters do. That is also the beauty of it. Sisters who may seem like enemies at times but will never let anyone else hurt the other. They protect each other like a lion protecting it's turf. Sisterhood is such a beautiful thing to have while going thru this journey called life. You know you are never going it alone. This photo shoot was definitely a treat!