Jessica - Boudoir

Many women think boudoir photos are only done when you want to give your significant other a sexy gift. Some also think boudoir photos are only done in lingerie. While there are many women who give photos of themselves in lingerie to their significant others... there are plenty who choose different options. You can make your boudoir session whatever you want it to be. Don't like lingerie? Great! Let's grab a robe, an over sized sweater, a tank top, or even a bed sheet. Don't have a significant other? No problem! Do this for YOU! Celebrate your beauty, the woman you have become, your sensuality, weight loss, loving your curves, whatever you want to celebrate... make it your own. There are no rules to this. No boundaries except for the ones you set all on your own.

I loved doing this session for Jessica. She is a powerhouse in so many ways. A woman who's strength is amazing to watch in action. Being apart of her celebrating her beauty, her womanhood and her body was a true honor. We spend so much time being insecure about ourselves that we forget to love who we are. We forget to stop and really look at our true beauty and say, "Wow."