Can I just say that I really need to start blogging about my shoots more? Seriously, the magic that happens during those shoots is absolutely blog worthy. To literally watch a person transform and get more confident in front of the camera is one my favorite passions and being able to capture that is such a blessing. It can make you feel so full of happiness and strength.

Farrah just happens to be another great photographer here in Knoxville and she does BEAUTIFUL work. Her wedding photos are stunning and have a way of really showing the pure love between two individuals that give their lives to one another. How beautiful is that?! Love is beauty as well and I love how she captures it. She knows how important a photo is. So it was shocking to me when she told me she hadn't had a professional photo done of herself in about 20 years! (Insert mouth drop here.) The reasons for why she couldn't take photos of herself seemed endless. Weight, it's been years, not photogenic, I'm better behind the camera, I will take a photo eventually I just don't have the time right now, etc. I finally just stopped her and challenged her... "Do it. Put it on your calendar and do it." I literally stood there and had her open her calendar and we searched for a free date. Once we found one, I told her that she was booked now and it's going to get done. Three months later, she was in the studio. Sometimes, we need a lil' push.

Farrah was so worried about how her photos would turn out and she seemed uneasy while in hair and make up. I spent that time going through her outfits and also reassuring her to let me do the worrying. Once the hair and make up was done, she looked at herself in the mirror and the most amazing thing happened. Farrah started crying. (Happy tears... but let's save the mascara!!) She knew in that moment that she was gorgeous and has always been gorgeous. I knew right then that Farrah was finally starting to see what I had seen in her since the day I met her. She is a stunning, beautiful, amazing and strong entrepreneur with unbelievable talent! She is a woman full of power. A photographer who can capture the very essence of love at the click of a button. A wife who works hard for her family and someone I am very happy to call friend. GIRL, YOU BETTA WERK!!