Prints & Portraits... What's the Big Deal?

So you decide you want to get some photos done. It's been a while since you and the family took a good professional photo or the last professional photo you have of yourself is the one you took at senior prom. You have changed, your life has changed and you feel it's time to seize a few moments in time with beautiful photography. So you look up various photographers in your area and you ooh and aah over their websites filled with their eye catching portfolios. You click through different styles and compare pricing to find the photographer that is just the right fit for you. Maybe the photographer meets with you before hand or at least has a phone conversation with you about your shoot that you plan to book with them. You discuss the reason for the photos, the style, the theme and maybe even what you will wear. Then you talk money. You're expecting to be able to get all your photos on disc. Easily accessible and can be stored away on the shelf until you need to use them. However, this photographer is pushing for you to purchase prints. Why??

These days there are plenty of photographers that will give you all your photos on a disc, USB drive or online gallery and call it a day. However, there are a growing number of photographers who would rather you purchase the actual prints. Y'know... 8x10 table portraits, 11x14 matted and framed art for the wall or a 16x20 canvas masterpiece for the mantle. All you simply want are the files to do whatever you want... when you want. Right? So what's the big deal? Well... to put it plain... prints are important. Very important. The photographer wants you to realize just how important they are. Think about it... if you had to leave your home for good right now and could never come back, what would you grab to take with you? I bet one of the answers would have something to do with photos. Whether they are photos of old relatives that have been in the family for years, wedding photos, or photos of your newborn... they all tell a story that you never want to forget. They all hold a place in your heart and you want to be able to pass these very important photos down to your children.

In this day in age, we are in the now generation. We want everything... NOW. Loading photos onto a disc is quick. It takes time to order prints. Discs are just so much easier and convenient. Let me ask you this... if you have ever gotten a disc of photos... where is that disc now? Is it still on that shelf? Somewhere in the depths of a drawer? GASP! Do you know where it is? If you do, have you used any of the photos on it? Made prints at all? Those photos you spent money to have done... are you displaying them on your walls for family and friends to see? Heck, I'm a photographer and even I have a disc or two laying around here somewhere with photos I never even downloaded off of them. Do you know that discs don't last forever? There will be a time you WON'T be able to pull photos off that disc. If you ever have to quickly grab all important things from your home, I doubt you will be grabbing tons of discs.

Prints ARE important. They stand the test of time and tell our stories... our legacies. They show our beauty after it has faded... our families after they have passed on... our growth... our milestones... our achievements... our love. They aren't made to be left in a dark drawer or catching dust on a shelf. They are meant to be shown for the world to see (or at least whoever comes into your home). They are daily reminders on our walls and tables of how blessed we are. Pictures into our souls. Memories frozen for us to look back on and remember the moments we dared to capture. They are so much more than pictures. They are our stories that have the ability to be told through those photos over and over again to the generations upon generations after we are long gone. To show our descendants how we looked so they can see where they come from. The legacy of their family tree. Photographers want you to see the importance of printing the photos you spent your hard earned money on. The lives it will effect past your own. The photographer works hard to tell that story for you, frozen in time and make it last through the ages for everyone to share and smile upon. THAT is the big deal! That is the point. 

When you are gone... your family won't be looking through Facebook for your best selfie. They won't be searching your home for a disc. They will be grabbing the portraits of you and that is how they will remember you. Make sure you make it available to them.

Jasmine NewtonComment