Kayli J

I am fortunate enough to work with so many beautiful faces! Kayli J ROCKED this shoot! There were so many beautiful photos in this shoot, I was almost jumping up and down at how good they all looked. During this shoot outdoors, Kayli made dealing with the heat look effortless and she was so laid back the entire time. Truly a dream to work with. She wanted a bit of a rooftop look on some of the photos and we chose to start at the top of a parking garage. I think it was when I stepped up on a railing to get a good angle that I realized... whoa... I think I'm a bit afraid of heights! Still shaking in my boots, I managed to get a few shots while praying I didn't drop my camera and she cheered me on. Kayli is another model that is apart of the J Way Allure group and I am stoked to have her! The beauty she has is breathtaking and amazing to capture. Make up was beautifully done by Tatyana Wilcox.