It's kinda funny how I met Liz. In a way... we met for the first time... twice. LOL. The first time I met Liz, she was working at a favorite clothing store of mine and we found ourselves in a nice chat while I looked for clothes. I felt she was such a cool person I wanted to hang out with her and asked for her number so we could do just that. However, I never called. Not because I'm a horrible person lol. At that time, I worked nights and rarely found enough time to socialize so I just never got around to calling her. The second time we met was at a mutual friend's birthday party. Liz kept saying to me that she recognized me and she was trying so hard to figure out how. I insisted that we never met. Them all of a sudden BOOM... it came to me. THE CLOTHING STORE! Oh crap... this is the girl I never called. After explaining how we in fact DID know each other and apologizing for never calling, we got reacquainted. Let's just say it stuck this time lol.

Fast forward a few months later, I started wanting to try something new with my photography and I needed models for it. I wanted to venture into glamour portraits and Liz, along with a second model, was willing to let me try it with her. Her photos came out so beautifully and she did so well working the camera I decided I wanted her as a model with my modeling group, J Way Allure. Needless to say, I am so glad we met for the first time... a second time.