Mother Nature

I always had a vision in my head about who Mother Nature was. I always thought she was a woman who was all races and cultures wrapped into one fantastic being or she was actually multiple women of different races and cultures. Each one of those mothers would take care of their specific part of the earth in the way it needed. I touched on that vision a bit with these beautiful ladies, Sarah and Liz. We had a great time creating this look. It almost went badly when our body painter couldn't make it due to an emergency, but our hairstylist, Andrea a.k.a. Sheree, came to our rescue and whipped out some make up. I originally wanted the models to be green, but this ended up better because we can still see who they are. We can see the green around their eyes but we also see their natural beauty. I am so glad Sheree was able to step into a role she doesn't normally do and provide the make up for this shoot! She is such an awesome person to work with. What would I do without her? What do you picture when you think about Mother Nature?

Jasmine NewtonComment