WilliamsWood Castle

This shoot was certainly and new experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I signed up to go to a "shoot-out" that involved other photographers and models at a beautiful castle. I could not believe there was a castle in Knoxville and I also couldn't believe someone was currently living in it! The resident gave us permission to go in literally every room and outdoor space taking photos of as much as we could in our time there.

Different models came with multiple outfits, some fancy, some funny, and some that fit the theme of the castle. To be there in the middle of this... watching all these other photographers clicking away, I will admit, I was a bit intimidated at first. A lot of the others had many years of experience and here I was a newbie getting ready to work with all these models. I slowly picked up my camera, calmed my heart and got to work. Soon I was clicking away just like the rest of them. Posing and directing and moving throughout the castle.

I got to meet a few models that I loved photographing and they loved my work! I helped to start an idea I came up with to work with models I liked. After getting contacted by one of the models to do another shoot for them, I thought about starting a model group called J Way Allure. It would be a group that I invite models to (if I liked their skill and their look) and they would agree to be available for any themed shoots or marketing shoots I had. They would also spread word about my business and get free shoots in a style they request in return. So far I have 6 models I currently work with under this group and they have expressed how much they love the idea and love working with me! The shoot out was an awesome event that helped me meet new people and helped me get past my comfort zone and try new things.