Ladi Nicole

Ladi Nicole. This beautiful unique woman here was such a joy to be around. During the shoot she was very quiet and soft spoken but when you hear her sing, it is literally like watching her unwrap a gift from God. Her voice is a true blessing. I asked her to sing while I took shots of her with the microphone so it wouldn't look phony. She started to sing "Summer Time" and I am telling you... all I wanted to do was put down my camera, pull up a chair and listen to her sing until the session was over. Her voice is beautiful!

I especially loved capturing her because of her features. Nicole made a comment to me once when I asked her to smile. Something about how her smile wasn't that great or some crazy nonsense! LOL. I looked at her like her brain dropped on the floor and proceeded to tell her how beautiful every single feature on her face was. A natural beauty that is difficult to forget. Ladi Nicole, don't you let anybody tell you NOTHING about your smile, except that it is stunning and can warm hearts! Ladi Nicole has such a genuine way about her. So quiet, so soft spoken.... until she sings. When you hear her sing... bask in her melody!