Creative Shoot with The Angel & The Demon

The last part of my series I did for Halloween was the angel and demon. I really looked forward to this one and with the help of two awesome models, Savvy Formal Wear, and my friend Marcus Bragg who let me borrow his chess set... this turned out exactly how I pictured it. The Angel, played by Brandon Rader, owner of Bula Boutique here in Knoxville was AMAZING! Funny how I met him. I wandered into his boutique while exploring the area, took one look at him and said, "OMG! You're my angel!". Can you imagine the look on his face when I said that to him? It hit me so hard once I saw his face... he was exactly what I pictured in my head when I came up with this idea. I mean... even when he let's his hair down, he almost looks like the depiction of Jesus! Once I explained to him what my crazy words meant, he hesitated and even said he wasn't photogenic. I wouldn't take no for an answer though. It was quite funny.

Anthony Cespedes played the demon. He had the perfect look in the eyes I needed and he was the exact opposite of the angel in every way. I wanted his look to be more like a pompous, snotty wall street banker look. Anthony was great! While taking these photos, not only did he play with a lot of facial expressions, he also made sure to make the chess game as real as possible by playing an entire game on both sides himself! Every move on that chess board was an honest move! 

I have to thank Ben from Savvy Formal Wear for helping to make this vision possible. They provided the full suits and shoes, while our makeup artist, Tatyana Wilcox, made sure to make them look extra good and evil for the camera! I also want to thank Charity Honeycutt from Honey Bee Events for providing the furniture. What a great coming together of talents!

Jasmine NewtonComment