Kayli - The Witch

Man I gotta tell ya... towards the end of the #theyliveamongus contest I got a little worn out from blogging! I had so much fun posting the photos on Facebook and laughing to myself at the guesses for each post. Then came Halloween and it seemed like Thanksgiving zoomed right behind it! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season! The next few posts will be the rest of the "characters" from the contest. So now you can see even more photos of the talented models!

This particular character was a witch! Kayli rocked her shoot and her wardrobe was provided by our friends at Bula Boutique. I wanted to kind of go with a bit of a fashion witchy theme... American Horror Story: Coven style. I loved that season and I thought the costuming throughout was to die for! Kayli helped bring this vision into reality in such an awesome way and I was tickled pink as I was taking her photos! Enjoy!