Creative Shoot with Sarah the Ghost

Since I took a long blog hiatus in November I never did get around to adding the rest of the Halloween characters I did for my Halloween series. So far you have read about the Vampire and the Witch... now meet the Ghost.

Sarah was awesome for this shoot and the extra we brought in was my husband, Ike. From the beginning, Sarah was dedicated! We took the photos by a big fountain in the park and she ran into the water to get the "just drowned" look. I was laughing so hard because it was a bit of a chilly day and the water was NOT warm. I really appreciate her willing to go the distance for this shoot and really getting into character. 

The idea was that she just drowned and had not realized that she was already dead. She tries to talk to Ike or get his attention somehow but he barely noticed anything more but a funny feeling on his shoulder. Finally realizing what has happened to her, she cries and finally accepts her fate. Eerie but Sarah made it cool.

Jasmine NewtonComment