Jessica is a strong, talented and powerful woman I met a few months ago. I was looking for hair stylists to work with and a mutual friend referred her to me. I was excited to hear that she was pregnant and would soon be needing maternity photos! This has to be one of my favorite sessions so far. Jessica wanted a very natural shoot and I loved the idea. There is just something about a pregnant woman. A woman who is working hard throughout the 9 months to grow a child inside her womb is such a huge miracle! It is one of the greatest and hardest things we as women can do. To capture this and also capture how beautiful Jessica is during this pregnancy was a pure joy to me.

A woman can still be beautiful, sensual and sexy during pregnancy. Just take a good long look at Jessica's photos! She looks wonderful... beautiful... POWERFUL! There is no feeling like having a child inside that will hold so many dreams one day. To be able to bring another human being into this world and raise it and nurture it... it should be celebrated. It should be captured and looked at in awe! Looking back on photos of your pregnancy can truly show you just how strong and protective you were before you even saw your child. How loving and beautiful you were... big belly full of joy and all. 

Jessica was great through the entire shoot even though she was having painful contractions every few minutes. She worked through it and I was amazed and worried all at the same time. With every grimace and every moan, I was uneasy but clicked away as she insisted on moving forward. I applaud her strength, her beauty and her strong will. Her willingness to show her body in one of the most vulnerable stages of her life and show it with pride and with class. It was like watching royalty pass you by. I am truly honored to have been the one to be able to capture that and witness her in all her beauty and strength. It's truly a beautiful miracle right in front of your eyes!