Happy Bday Liz!

Liz turned 22 recently and she had this great idea to not only share the special occasion with her best friends, but to also photograph it. I was so excited to do this for her! She has such an outgoing personality and I have worked with her numerous times before, I knew this would be a blast. The ladies were hilarious and goofy throughout the day. It made my job pretty darn easy in between me laughing at them every 5 minutes. By the time we were done, my sides were hurting and my cheeks were sore. To watch a video of some of the fun... click here.

Sharing a birthday or even just a day out with your girlfriends is such a fun and relaxing thing to do... why not capture it? Why not have photos that you can look back on and smile at the fun you had with your buddies? Don't these memories deserve to be hung on your walls or displayed on your shelves? Capture the moments.... capture your life!

Jasmine NewtonComment