Anjelica - The Vampire

Anjelica of Photography by Anjelica ( was gracious enough to let me photograph her for my #theyliveamongus series for the Halloween season. I was so excited because I knew that she would make a perfect vampire and boy was I right! After finding her dress (courtesy of Bootleg Betty's and get her hair and make up done by Tatyana Wilcox (, she was transformed into this breathtaking character. Anjelica channeled her vampy energy and gave just the look I needed! Sexy, seductive and just a dash of evil. If you have a chance, make sure you check out her photography website. She is incredibly talented and passionate about her work. In fact, she is who taught me the basics when I started learning how to do photography. Check her out and make sure you let her know J Way said hi!

I have always liked the idea of vampires. They are probably my favorite monster of them all. If I had a choice of what monster I would be... I would choose to be a vampire. I have always loved how seductive and sneaky they can be and the fangs are to die for! To be a monster... but forever a beautiful one with cat like senses and hunt your prey so seductively is so interesting to me.